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Occular Disease


Being able to see comfortably is part of having a good quality of life. Dr. Luna has a special interest in dry eye care. With our increasing dependence on computers, smart phones and tablets along with the arid climate we live in, dry eye syndrome is very prevalent in this area. Not only does dry eye make your eyes less comfortable, but it can also reduce your vision, worsen glare and distortions as well as predispose you to other ocular disease. We take pride in our ability to address and discuss options to treat this debilitating disease. Because Dr. Luna suffers from keratoconus and allergies he can empathize with how these conditions can impact the quality of our lives. He also has extensive experience treating patients suffering from glaucoma. Scripps Ranch Family Eyecare is here to provide you with personalized attention to meet all your eye care needs. 

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